• The Champions 3 v 3 Series is pioneering the small-sided game platform. Now on the ranking system, teams can play in any tournament host by a 3 v 3 series and our partners in any states. Play in as many or as few tournament games for a chance at the national showcase.


The Champions 3 v 3 Series is a grassroots, small-sided soccer tournament grounded in catering to all skill levels and the players’ experiences.


In the Champions 3 v 3 Series soccer tournament, top-ranked teams compete in each age group and will be crowned the National Showcase Champions.


Are you passionate about soccer? Partner with us today, and let’s reach as many players and regions as possible. Let us play together and grow this beautiful game.

The 3 v 3 Series runs numerous tournaments throughout the year. The top-ranking teams will compete in the National Showcase and a chance for the divisional champions to advance to the National Showcase Championship.
Pioneer the 3 v 3 series experience soccer tournament events. Provided kids and families with a safe, active, and a healthy sports environment. The Champions 3 v 3 Series is fun, rewarding, and educational platform to develop and practice the fundamental skills of soccer.
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